COVID-19 has killed Quality Improvement – Debate

The COVID-19 pandemic has profound implications for how we practice Quality Improvement (QI) in healthcare. But has it created a bigger role for QI, with increasing opportunities or has it put the nails in the coffin of QI as we know it? Six debaters will argue for and against this important but contentious motion, “COVID-19 has killed Quality Improvement”. Who will have the last word? Has COVID killed QI? Come find out – you decide the winner! After this session, participants will be able to: – Understand the arguments for and against “COVID-19 has killed Quality Improvement” – Experience a lively, active debate, argued from the head and the heart Have their perceptions about who thinks what challenged – Draw their own conclusions about whether “COVID-19 has killed Quality Improvement” Debate moderator: Helen Bevan, Horizons Team, NHS England and Improvement; England Join us this year by registering at http:/

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