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COVID-19: Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Skills to Deploy During the Surge

Staines A, Amalberti R, Berwick DM, Braithwaite J, Lachman P, Vincent CA.

The authors suggest a five-step strategy and actions for patient safety and quality improvement staff to employ their skills to support patients, clinical staff, and health care organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Management of post-acute COVID-19 in primary care

Practice advice, a podcast and infographic from Trisha Greenhalgh et al on what is know and best practice advice on managing long-COVID.

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Quality Improvement Tool Exercises using COVID-19 Examples

This resource is a compilation of materials from a student-led improvement science curriculum adapted to be delivered virtually during COVID-19 to first-year medical students in a longitudinal preclinical program.

Highlighted Patient Safety Videos

In these unprecedented times, healthcare professionals across the country have had to adapt quickly to new ways of working in a new way. To help you adjust, we’ve prepared a short video from GP and executive coach Claire Kaye, who gives you her top tips in how to cope with change.

Join Dr Fiona Godlee of The BMJ and Professor George Davey Smith of Bristol University and the MRC, plus their invited guests from leading institutions in the US, UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, India, Hong Kong, Gabon and New Zealand, as they discuss many aspects of the covid pandemic.

Blog posts

Healthcare improvement in the time of COVID

Joy Furnival asks what role can and should QI take during and after the COVID-19 pandemic?

Michael Marmot: Post covid-19, we must build back fairer

A fair distribution of health and wellbeing have to be at the heart of building back fairer, say Michael Marmot and colleagues

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