DAWN: Diabetes Appointments via Webcam in Newham

DAWN: Diabetes Appointments via Webcam in Newham

Author: British Journal of Diabetes

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This poster describes work in Newham to evaluate if and how web-based consultations can deliver more effective and efficient care for people with diabetes, whilst improving patient experience.

The project found that there is little difference in the age and ethnicity of those using the webcam follow-up appointments and patients described a number of reasons for preferring on-line appointments. Clinical outcome measures suggest that there is greater compliance with medication and self-management amongst patients who have more than two such on-line appointments. The poster concludes that

  • Early evidence suggests web-based appointments can be used as part of outpatient services to improve patient experience and provide better access to effective care, with the potential to improve longer term efficiency.
  • By using readily available video conferencing software, this service model could be easily replicable across the majority of outpatient care.
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