Delivering Care and Support Planning

Delivering Care and Support Planning

Author: Think Local Act Personal (TLAP)

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This guide is written for decision makers within councils and their partners (e.g. voluntary and community sector organisations involved in care and support planning) to help them better understand the requirements of the Care Act inrelation to Care and Support Planning for adults and carers. Although it is primarily intended for local authorities, it provides up-to-date knowledge on the process and an important insight into the overlap and integration needed between health and social care.

It describes what good looks like based on what people want, what is Care Act compliant and lean and therefore good at delivering positive outcomes for people who use services. In addition to clear steers drawn from the Act and accompanying statutory guidance on care and support planning, this guide also shares ideas, lessons and practical examples for designing and delivering care and support planning and plans that work well for local people.

The guide is organized around five important elements for effective care and support planning:

  • Moving from assessment to care and support planning
  • who supports the planning process and how this takes place
  • What’s in the plan and how to record it
  • Agreeing the plan, including sign off
  • Review

In addition, the guide reflects ten principles and ‘I Statements’ of what really good care and support planning looks like in practice, developed in co-production with people with care and support needs, carers and family members.

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