Development of an e-learning module for clinicians

Development of an e-learning module for clinicians

Author: The Health Foundation

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This case study describes how, as part of the Health Foundation’s Co-creating Health programme, NHS Ayrshire and Arran developed an e-learning module to enable more health professionals to learn about self management support.

The e-learning module was developed in response to feedback from GPs that it was hard to attend self management support training due to clinical time constraints.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Professional and personal development-specific: The eLearning module has been developed in to make it specifically relevant to clinicians in terms of skill and competency development that links to their ongoing professional development requirements, such as the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) and GP Revalidation.
  • Familiar format: Distance learning /self- directed learning and eLearning are familiar to many clinicians.
  • Flexible timing: By breaking the course into smaller online chunks (10-30 minutes) staff can complete the module at a time that is convenient to them individually.
  • Flexible location: The eLearning module can be accessed from work or home thereby providing a flexible learning option to fit with individuals’ circumstances and learning preferences.
  • Maximising available facilitator capacity and support: E-Learning will allow staff to cover the theory online, freeing our facilitators up to deliver a single face-to-face session to supplement and reinforce the eLearning module, and to provide ongoing support to staff as they.

Whilst there are still some challenges, the approach has been positively received.

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