Envisioning and Building the Public Health Workforce of the Future

Envisioning and Building the Public Health Workforce of the Future

As we work to reinforce and rebuild the public health workforce, now is the time to strengthen connections within the public health system. Partnerships between health departments and academic institutions – academic health department (AHD) partnerships – have long helped to bridge the gap between public health practice and academic public health and have played a critical role as the nation responds to COVID-19. AHD partnerships have been instrumental in developing guidance for COVID-19 response; conducting contact tracing, testing, and vaccination; and engaging in communications, and these partnerships will continue to be critical into the future.

As discussion moves forward about how to rebuild the public health system, AHD partners are taking steps on the ground to prepare for the future. How can these efforts be further enhanced to reach their maximum potential? Where should efforts best be focused? Can these partnerships have a real impact?

In this webinar, speakers from the CDC Foundation, University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health, Massachusetts Department of Health, Massachusetts Health Officers Association, and Public Health Foundation shared their experiences with AHD partnerships during COVID-19 and thoughts on where to go from here and engaged in questions and discussion.

This webinar is part of the AHD Learning Community’s AHD Webinar Series and was originally presented in February 2022.

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