Helping measure person-centred care

Helping measure person-centred care

Author: The Health Foundation

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This rapid review summarises research about measuring the extent to which care is person-centred. It signposts research about commonly used approaches and tools to help measure person-centred care. It aims to showcase the many tools available and includes a spreadsheet listing 160 of the most commonly researched measurement tools.

Three key questions guided the review:

  • How is person-centred care being measured in healthcare?
  • What types of measures are used?
  • Why and by whom is measurement taking place?

A spreadsheet listing 160 of the most commonly researched measurement tools allows users to search according to the type of tool, who it targets and the main contexts it has been tested in. Hyperlinks to the abstracts of examples of research using each tool are also provided.

The review shows that, while a large number of tools are available to measure person-centred care, there is no agreement about which tools are most worthwhile. It also makes clear that there is no ‘silver bullet’ or best measure that covers all aspects of person-centred care. Combining a range of methods and tools is likely to provide the most robust measure of person-centred care.

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