How-to Guide: Governance Leadership (Get Boards on Board)

How-to Guide: Governance Leadership (Get Boards on Board)

Author: IHI

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This toolkit from the IHI provides a range of tools and methods for ensuring that boards lead activities to improve quality and safety effectively. It is focused at hospital boards but the lessons are equally relevant for other healthcare organisations.

The guide recommends six key activities that boards should be engaging in to drive safety improvement. They are:

  • setting aims
  • getting data and hearing stories
  • establishing monitoring and systems-level measures
  • changing the environment, policies and culture
  • learning, starting with the board
  • establishing executive accountability.

The guide makes practical and detailed recommendations. One is that boards should spend at least 25% of their meeting time on quality and safety issues, and another states that boards should regularly include conversations with patients or family members who have suffered a harmful incident.

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