How-to Guide: Reducing Patient Injuries from Falls

How-to Guide: Reducing Patient Injuries from Falls

Author: Institute for Healthcare Improvement

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This how-to guide from the IHI is designed to help healthcare staff learn how to identify patients who are at the highest risk for sustaining a serious injury from a fall and implement interventions to prevent or mitigate these injuries.

The guide is divided into three sections:

  • Section One: Highlights six changes designed to reduce serious injuries from falls for hospitalised patients. It also includes references and links to helpful resources.
  • Section Two: Outlines practical step-by-step activities for testing, adapting, and implementing these proposed changes.
  • Section Three: Includes resources and tools from hospitals engaged in fall prevention work (Fall Risk Assessment Tool, Nursing Handoff Checklist, Safety Huddle Form, Tips for Using Teach Back, and more).

The guide was updated in December 2012 and contains a selection of validated risk assessment and handoff tools. Although primarily aimed at US institutions they can form a useful basis for development of any falls reduction programme. This resource is available free of charge but does require registration with the IHI website.

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