Improving Diversity in Recruitment Practices in the NHS

Improving Diversity in Recruitment Practices in the NHS

Our new report with the Nuffield Trust, Attracting Supporting and Retaining a Diverse NHS Workforce, highlights the urgent need to improve the experience of all parts of the health service’s workforce.

We have pulled together a summary of the key findings, current issues and actions for employers on our website. These reinforce the importance of the actions outlined in the NHS England People Plan, and also complement the collective efforts of employers, especially with regard to anti-racism strategies.

Employers can use this report and summary to take further action to achieve equity of opportunity and experience for all parts of the workforce. This is one of the central pillars of addressing the supply and retention challenge in the NHS, and a central part of improving patient outcomes.

For examples of anti-racism strategies read the East of England’s anti racism strategy and the NHS London workforce race strategy.

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