Involving people in their own health and care

Involving people in their own health and care

Author: NHS England

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This guide will help clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and other commissioners of health and care services to involve patients and carers in decisions relating to care and treatment, and the public in commissioning processes and decisions.

It supports two legal duties requiring Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and commissioners in NHS England to enable:

  • patients and carers to participate inplanning, managing and making decisions about their care and treatment, through the services they commission;
  • the effective participation of the public in the commissioning process itself, so that services provided reflect the needs of local people.

It sets out the legal framework and tools, approaches and resources.

Whilst targeted at commissioner, it will also potentially be of interest to people providing health and care services; people providing support to commissioners; NHS England nationally, regionally and at areateam level; patients and carers; voluntary sector groups and organisations with an interest in patient and public participation; and health and wellbeing boards.

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