Managing medications in clinically complex elders

Managing medications in clinically complex elders


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This Institute for Healthcare Improvement article uses the case of an older patient taking multiple medications to summarise the evidence-based literature about improving medication use and withdrawing specific drugs and drug classes.

The article looks at the issue of multiple medication use which is common in older adults and may ameliorate symptoms, improve and extend quality of life, and occasionally cure disease. Unfortunately, multiple medication use is also a major risk factor for prescribing and adherence problems, adverse drug events, and other adverse health outcomes.

The author, Dr Steinman, describes a systematic approach for how health professionals can assess and improve medication regimens to benefit patients and their caregivers and families.

This ‘Author in the Room’ teleconference from the IHI has an interview with Michael Steinman as he talks through his academic paper and highlights key learning points for health professionals.

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