Patient online: the roadmap

Patient online: the roadmap

Author: RCGP

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The Road Map has been produced by the RCGP to support and inform GPs and their practices during this time of change, to act as a stimulus for commissioning groups to consider how they could best support their practices and/or groups of federated practices and to assist patient participation groups (PPG) in supporting their practices, and help patient organisations to tailor their provision and delivery of health information.

The main Road Map provides guidance on the implications of implementing Patient Online in general practice, guidance on what is needed to implement Patient Online in general practice, and a plan for the next steps (during 2013–2015) in delivery of the 2015 commitments.

The Road Map sets out the principles of access to records and provides guidance on the steps practices need to take in preparing to offer online records access to patients, including:

  • Defining the offer: What elements of the clinical record and functionality would the practice offer?
  • Access to online records: whether this should be full retrospective access or prospective access from an agreed date
  • Secure communication with the practice offering the patient another route for contacting the practice
  • What could be done now: consider the information governance and security risks
  • The functionality of GP IT systems: the present and the future, market liaison
  • Risks cited by the supplier community
  • Patient-centric system design principles
  • Current or future data standards
  • Training, education and development support for general practices, primary healthcare teams, patients, carers and advocates
  • Issues relating to health inequalities that may arise as a result of online access
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