Peer Leader Manual

Peer Leader Manual

Author: International Diabetes Federation

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This comprehensive manual contains all the materials needed to run a training programme for people with diabetes to enable them to become peer leaders.

It is designed to teach peers leaders the important communication, facilitation and behavior change skills necessary to provide effective self-management support for their peers. Whilst it was designed for people with diabetes and contains some clinical content specific to diabetes, the manual is transferrable to other long term conditions, and includes tips on adapting the training to local needs.

The programme is designed to equip peer leaders with the skills to provide emotional and behavioral support to help other people with diabetes cope effectively, set goals and make and sustain lifestyle changes in order to improve their diabetes outcomes and quality of life.

The diabetes clinical content was included at the request of our peer leaders themselves and is designed to provide only a brief review. This content can be abbreviated, eliminated or enhanced depending on the nature and purpose of the training programme and the role of the peer leaders.

The manual can also be modified to fit the needs to the training audience as well as any training-related parameters, such as duration.

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