People Powered Commissioning: Embedding innovation in practice

People Powered Commissioning: Embedding innovation in practice

Author: NESTA

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This report provides evidence and learning that concerns both what is commissioned and how to support people with long term conditions to self-manage.

It sets out a framework of 5 key activities:

  • An outcomes based approach – where outcomes attend to patients’ priorities and to indicators of social and economic value alongside traditional (bio-medical) metrics.
  • Reflecting people’s real lives – creating systems that are coherent and responsive to those engaging with them and aligned with everyday life.
  • Incentivising and supporting collaboration – giving rise to new and sustainable
  • partnerships, networks and alliances.
  • Market making and shaping – in which People Powered Health services can develop and flourish
  • Culture change and leadership – under the leadership of visionary commissioners.

Each section includes case studies from the People Powered Health programme and from other places where important changes are taking place as well as practical advice and guidance for thinking about Commissioning for the People Powered Health approach in your context.

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