Person-centred care timeline

Person-centred care timeline

Author: The Health Foundation

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This interactive timeline is a visual guide through the key events that have contributed to the move towards a more person-centred health service over the past 50 years.

The focus is primarily on shared decision making and self-management support as these have been the Health Foundation’s main areas of focus, but it hopefully gives a flavour of some of the wider developments both in the UK and beyond.

What are your thoughts?

The timeline shows an interesting evolution in person-centred care but it is clear that the journey is not yet complete. What do you think the main message is – how far we have come or how far we still have to go? Have we missed any key events or milestones? Please feel free to add your comments and reflections in the comments box below.

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Thank you

Thank you to Alf Collins, Angela Coulter, Graham Kramer, Martin Quinn and Mike Spencer for their help in developing the content for this timeline.

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