Placing patients at the centre of care

Placing patients at the centre of care

Author: Anya de Iongh

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In this 16 minute video, Anya de Iongh, who lives with several long term health conditions, speaks about how person-centred care and its different elements including integrated care, shared decision making, care planning, and self-management support, are experienced by patients and their impact on people’s experience of services and their health.

Anya speaks about the importance of integrated care – both in terms of the administration involved in co-ordinating her appointments and other activities, which she says can feel like a full time job, and in terms of the different clinicians involved in her care better understanding other aspects of her health.

She highlights the importance of shared decision making and how a plan developed jointly between her and her physio is the only physiotherapy plan she has stuck to. She sets out the importance of working with clinicians who acknowledge her expertise in her own experience of her health and working in partnership with health professionals who bring clinical expertise to plan her care together.

She sets out three aspects of self-management: looking after your health; maintaining everyday life; and dealing with the emotions that arise from having a long term condition. But she highlights that this is a team sport in which the patient needs the support of the different health professionals involved in her care.

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