Reducing harm in perioperative care

Reducing harm in perioperative care

Author: Patient Safety First

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This workbook was produced as part of the ‘Patient Safety First’ campaign in England and is aimed at team members involved in implementing changes to reduce harm in perioperative care.

The workbook guides clinical teams through two aspects of reducing harm in perioperative care:

Part A – Actions to reduce surgical site infections

  • Appropriate use of prophylactic antibiotics.
  • Maintenance of normothermia.
  • Maintain glycaemic control for known diabetic patients.
  • Use of recommended hair removal methods.

Part B – Improving teamwork and communication

  • Implementation of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Surgical Safety checklist.

This version of the workbook was written in 2009 before the functions of the National Patient Safety Agency was transferred to the NHS Commissioning Board Special Health Authority.

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