Resuscitation in mental health and learning disability settings

Resuscitation in mental health and learning disability settings

Author: The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA)

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This safety standard is aimed at healthcare organisations providing inpatient care for mental health (MH) and learning disability (LD) patients. It requires them to make proper provision for life support and resuscitation for these patients.

These patients can be vulnerable to cardiac or respiratory arrest through coexisting physical illness, self-harm, and the effects of medication, including rapid tranquilisation. They are also vulnerable to choking from a variety of causes.

Resulting from a report which revealed 599 reports of at least moderate harm related to choking or cardiac or respiratory arrest in MH and LD settings which demonstrated wide variations in standards of resuscitation. 26 incidencts described significant lack of staff knowledge, skills, or equipment. Three patient deaths occurred after choking on food. Another 22 reports were of moderate or severe harm following choking.

This safety standard outlines best practice for providing resuscitation for these patients.

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