Safer Clinical Systems

Safer Clinical Systems

Author: Matthew Cooke, Stephen Cross, Hugh Flanagan, Rose Jarvis, Peter Spurgeon

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The approach to patient safety in healthcare is reactive. We still do not have a culture that understands human behaviour and it very often seeks to identify and blame individuals. The Safer Clinical Systems approach takes learning from other safety critical industries to develop a proactive approach to risk assessment.

It is able to reduce the perceived risk in patient pathways, and as a consequence of this, safety culture changes for the better. One of the most significant future advantages of Safer Clinical Systems – especially through its use of the safety case – is that it provides a systematic approach to addressing residual risks in the system. Building safer clinical systems for patients has to acknowledge this risk, do what can be done through the techniques described in this reference guide and escalate those risks that remain.

This reference guide was produced by University of Warwick, who provided technical support to the Safer Clinical Systems programme, funded by the Health Foundation (2008-2014).

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