Shared decision making videos from the MAGIC programme

Shared decision making videos from the MAGIC programme

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As part of the Health Foundation’s MAGIC programme, we worked with patients, health professionals and commissioners to develop a series of short videos. The videos explore what shared decision making is, its benefits from the perspective of patients, clinicians and commissioners and how it can be put into practice.

About shared decision making

In this 5 minute video, patients and professionals talk about what shared decision making is, what it means for them, and work the MAGIC team in Newcastle have been doing to support health professionals to put shared decision making into practice.

So Just Ask

This 3-minute video is designed to make patients feel more confident to ask questions and participate in decisions about their treatment and care. It features a series of patients explaining why it is important to ask questions and be involved and setting out three questions that can help people to understand their choices.

Sheila MacPhail, Consultant Obstetrician

In this 1 minute video, Consultant Obstetrician sets out why involving people in decisions about their treatment and care is crucial to providing a high quality service.

Julia Blagburn, Chief Clinical Pharmacist

In this 1 minute video, Chief Clinical Pharmacist Julia Blagburn describes what person-centred care is and its implications for involving people in decisions about their own treatment and care. She describes how she has changed her practice to use a shared decision making approach, and the confidence it gives her that patients are being given the treatment and support that is right for them.

Richard Thomson, Professor of Epidemiology & Public Health

In this 1 minute video, Professor Thomson describes how person-centred care means recognising that people are individuals with different beliefs, values and preferences. He describes how different patients may have different perspectives on the risks and benefits of the treatment options available to them, and need support to make a decision that is right for them.

Lucy Craig & Ruth Wyllie, Children’s Rheumatology Service

In this one minute video, clinicians Lucy Craig and Ruth Wyllie briefly describe how using a shared decision making approach and encouraging young people through the use of the ‘Ask 3 Questions’ campaign, has helped young people to be more independent and to prepare them for adult services.

Work by the Children’s Rheumatology team is described in more detail in the case study ‘Working with young people to improve communication and prepare them for transfer to adult services‘.

Mark Hayes, GP & Commissioner

In this 1 minute video, GP Mark Hayes briefly sets out the benefits of shared decision making from the perspectives of a commissioner and clinician and for patients.

Jon Tose, Vice Chair, South Tyneside CCG

In this 1 minute video, commissioner Jon Tose sets out how shared decision making not only leads to care that patients want, but has also lead to patient choosing less intensive management options, reducing pressure on secondary care.

Sam Hood, Commissioning Manager, Gateshead CCG

In this 1 minute video, Commissioning Manager Sam Hood describes how the CCG sees shared decision making as a way of improving quality of care, outcomes for patients and patient engagement.

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