SHINE 2012 Poster Book

SHINE 2012 Poster Book

Author: The Health Foundation

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The Health Foundation’s annual SHINE programme supports health services to find new approaches to delivering healthcare. In 2012 the programme sponsored a wide range of projects designed to support patients to be active partners in their own care. This booklet collates information posters produced at the end of the programme summarising the challenge, intervention, learning and results.

The posters cover projects working with a wide range of conditions, from COPD to mental health, and a wide variety of approaches, including commissioning, development of care pathways, self-management coaching and empowering patients and carers to communicate their concerns.

Posters particularly relevant to person-centred care include:

  • Coaching for recovery: active mental health long term conditions management
  • Supporting parents and carers to be active partners in their child’s care: quantifying parental concern to strengthen their voice
  • Supporting patients to inform clinical commissioning to achieve best outcomes: the value of planning using patient-centred information
  • Enabling patients using vaginal pessaries for Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) to reduce their hospital attendances through self-management
  • Liberating the voices of all: Recovery coaching within an acute older persons ward
  • myCOPDSoluTion: Delivering self management, reducing wasteful prescribing and improving compliance in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) through a web based system and holdall
  • My Birthplace: A decision support tool for women and midwives
  • Please stop informing me: Enabling people to use internet information to self-manage musculoskeletal pain
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