Wider health economy

Wider health economy

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Understanding the wider health economy can seem an overwhelming task but it is important to raise the profile of your work if you are going to achieve sustainability and spread.

Several teams working with the Health Foundation’s Co-creating Health programme have found developing a stakeholder map to be useful in obtaining the wider picture of what is happening locally.

It is important to ensure that commissioners are fully aware of what you are doing and the benefits particularly with regard to the QIPP agenda. Having a lead to make connections and understand the workings of other organisations and how they operate on a strategic level is crucial to building links.

Examples of engaging with the wider economy include:

  • In Guys’ and St Thomas, the site has built strong links with the Diabetes Modernisation Initiative (DMI) which has led to a toolkit being developed incorporating tools to be used within practices and community teams. The DMI is continuing with implementing CCH as it also has other links within the wider health economy. The links were made with the DMI service improvement lead as well as the communications lead who was able to offer support and help and resources with driving CCH forward.
  • Redesign of SMP in Ayrshire and Arran involved representatives from existing organisations and departments including the Voluntary Sector Learning & Development.
  • In Calderdale & Huddersfield, there was a combination of self care training – effective care planning and consultation skills. The programme has been designed as a collaboration between THF, local PCT and Hospital and the Diabetes Year of Care.
  • Linking with commissioners to become part of their strategic plan for the team in Torbay, so ensuring future funding.


  • Enables integration of existing work for a greater impact.
  • Increases the opportunities for sustainability and spread.
  • Raises the profile and perceptions of SMS and the subsequent benefits.
  • Ensures commissioners are fully aware of the benefits.
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