In a recent UK based study, the increased risk of developing chronic kidney disease in people with diabetes was eight times higher in women and over twelve times higher in men compared to those without diabetes 1.
Commissioning  Diabetes and Kidney Care Services
In order to enable the best management of kidney disease in diabetes from prevention to treatment, a large group of stakeholders from clinicians to patient groups have developed a report entitled Commissioning Diabetes and Kidney Care Services published by Diabetes UK and Kidney Care. The report includes a high level intervention map describing key interventions for an ideal diabetes and kidney services ‘without walls’.
Reducing the rate of kidney deterioration in patients with diabetes
The Heart of England NHS Trust have produced a report, Service redesign: early identification of patients at risk of developing end-stage kidney disease, which outlines in detail a patient safety initiative to reduce the rate of kidney deterioration in patients with diabetes. It includes specifics of the methods used to deliver improved care and the cost savings associated with the programme. It has a detailed analysis of the implementation and its barriers.
Diabetes with Kidney Disease: Key Facts
Designed as an update for healthcare professionals involved in diabetes care in both primary and secondary settings along with commissioners, the diabetes and kidney care publication Diabetes with Kidney Disease: Key Facts provides up to date factual information. It covers all areas of diabetes and kidney disease from its epidemiology to interventions for prevention and treatment. It also highlights recently published examples of best practice in this area.
NICE guidelines
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have produced guidelines summarising the evidence base for best management of people with kidney disease in primary care. Researchers in The ENABLE – ‘Enhancing Care and Saving Lives of people with CKD’ study implemented a care bundle based on this evidence across 26 GP practices. They describe the impact this improvement intervention has had on care, particularly around improving self-management for patients.

Hippisley-Cox J, Coupland C. Predicting the risk of chronic kidney disease in men and women in England and Wales: prospective derivation and external validation of the QKidney scores. BMC Fam Pract. 2010; 11:49.

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