Falls are one of the most common patient safety incidents in hospital.  As well as physical injury, falls can lead to anxiety, loss of confidence and can be the start of a long-term decline in health.   There are a number of guides and checklists below aimed at identifying patients at risk of falling and reducing their risk. There is also an example of a Day Hospital in Cardiff using a proactive integrated approach to reduce falls risk in the elderly.

A project using care bundles, funded by the Health Foundation  (Fallsafe), found that twice as many patients were assessed using this method. ‘Safer care – Stepwise Falls Guide’ and ‘Exploring the system-wide costs of falls in older people in Torbay’ both examine the costs involved in falls and could be useful to those looking to start quality improvement work in this area.

How-to Guide: Reducing Patient Injuries from Falls – Institute for Healthcare Improvement
FRAILsafe: A safety checklist for frail older patients entering acute hospital care – The Health Foundation
Falls: assessment and prevention of falls in older people – NICE
Helping older people stay safe reduces demand on A&E – The Health Foundation
An overview of best practice for falls prevention from an occupational therapy perspective – The Health Foundation
FallSafe: Inpatient falls prevention using a care bundle introduced by ward-based nurses – The Health Foundation
Improving inpatient care with the introduction of a hip fracture pathway – BMJ
Safer care – Stepwise Falls Guide – NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement
Exploring the system-wide costs of falls in older people in Torbay – Kings Fund
Evidence-based review: Care transitions in elderly patients to/from acute medicine – East Midlands Academic Health Science Network

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