A quarter of hospital beds are occupied by people with dementia1. A third of patients with dementia live on their own in the community2. Symptoms including confusion and forgetfulness contribute to the risk even in familiar environments.

In this section you will find resources to improve safety for patients with dementia as well as a discussion about redesigning services to maintain their independence.
Factsheets from the Alzheimer’s Society
To support interventions that will reduce harm for patient with dementia, the Alzheimer’s Society has produced a series of factsheets for healthcare professionals, carers and patients on providing a safe home environment. These cover a broad range of topics including driving, maintaining independence and assistive technology as well as practical advice from occupational therapists on equipment, adaptions and improvements to increase safety in the home.
Preventing admission
There is widespread interest in developing strategies to prevent admission to hospitals or care-homes for elderly patients but there is not always evidence as to where and how preventative interventions should be targeted. A discussion paper from the Institute of Public Care reviews the characteristics of those people unable to remain in the community and the existence of proven interventions to reduce the likelihood of these characteristics developing.

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