Patient Safety

Patient Safety

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Investigation into electronic prescribing and medicines administration systems and safe discharge

HSIB has identified a significant safety risk posed by the communication and transfer of information between secondary care, primary care and community pharmacy relating to medicines at the time of hospital discharge.


Primary Care patient safety resources

This page provides links to several QI resources especially relevant in primary care. These include educational information on a number of QI methods, safety checklists relevant to primary care and report forms to help you complete QI reports. The frameworks used in the peer review of QI projects are also included.


Standing up for patient and public safety

This report describes the lack of clear roles, responsibilities and accountability for workforce planning and supply in England. The RCN is clear, it is no longer the time to be discussing whether legislation is needed, instead, we should also be focussed on how we go about securing these necessary changes in law.

Highlighted Patient Safety Videos

If patient safety experts find it difficult to speak up for themselves or family members when they see the potential for harm, what is it like for everyone else? The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Derek Feeley talks about one of the reasons why it’s hard for health care to truly listen to the patient voice.

The accreditation scheme in Gateshead provides wards with a set of quality and safety standards, which are assessed at annual assessment days. The assessment panel reviews the ward of department based on an assurance framework, which was developed through the Trust’s Nursing and Midwifery Strategy. 

Blog posts

We need to rethink our approach to patient safety

Dr Suzette Woodward describes in her latest book a more positive approach to patient safety that seeks to learn how things normally happen in order to understand why they failed in that instance.

What Worries Safety Leaders Around the Globe

IHI’s Derek Feeley believes the biggest threat to patient safety posed by the current economic climate is the diversion of health care leaders’ attention. He shares the three things leaders across the globe find most challenging, asserting that they are the keys to staying focused on workforce and patient safety during turbulent times.

Latest news and research

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