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Podcast -Social Care Future and re-framing the narrative

Neil Crowther is an independent expert on equality, human rights and social change. In an interview with Sara Zmertych, Communications Manager at TLAP, he talks about his work at Social Care Future, a network of the willing, united by a sense that social care needs a radical shift.

In this short podcast recording he specifically talks about his work on ‘reframing’ the crisis driven narrative, which is both unhelpful and runs counter to our collective vision of social care that is empowering, person-centred and solution focussed.

Added 4 October 2019

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Blog- Personalised care for children with special educational needs and disabilities

Following the Health and Care Innovation Expo last week which showcased progress across the country in delivering personalised care, Senior Commissioning Manager Amy Tinker from Salford City Council talks about how they are working to transform the lives of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), as well as sharing what personalisation means to her.

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New Project (2)

Delivering universal personalised care

The NHS Long Term Plan states that personalised care will become ‘business as usual’ across the health and care system. Universal personalised care: Implementing the Comprehensive Model confirms how we will do this by 2023/24. It is the action plan for the rolling out personalised care across England and follows a decade of evidence-based research working with patients and community groups.

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Latest Patient Safety Videos

End of Life Care: Achieving dignity for those with dementia

Looking at how we best support people with dementia to have a good death or to die as they would wish. What particular issues arise for carers at this time? Learn more about end of life care for those with dementia.

Connected Community Care

The Connected Community Care for Cancer Service has received over £500,000 in funding from Macmillan and aims to deliver integrated, person-centred care. It will provide a single point of access through which a patient living with cancer can be referred.

Blog posts

Personalised care at the heart of transformation

Karl has both physical and learning disability needs, having been born with spina bifida, hydrocephalus and developed epilepsy; he has experienced significant neuro-surgical input resulting in 46 operations. At best, my family has had a space of two years between these operations, at the worst, Karl has endured one operation every week for six weeks…

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A combined effort for autism: lessons from the community for the health system

Imagine you’re arriving at a clinic for an appointment. The waiting room is busy, brightly-lit and very noisy. The radio, intercom and television all play at once. You’re finding it difficult to order your thoughts, and you feel overwhelmed as your heart begins to race; the waiting room becomes unbearable. Finally, you’re called in to see a doctor – one you’ve never met – and you struggle to describe why you’re here to see them. You feel rushed. Frustrated, you blurt out that you’re autistic. Do they understand why this is important? Do they know how to support you? You’re not sure…

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Upcoming Events

Introduction to Person Centred Care- Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA)

Warrington, 6 November 2019

This one day programme will enable people to understand the components of Person Centred Care, including shared decision making and self-management support.

It will help people to understand the need for a change in current practice, consider the benefits and challenges of practicing person centred care and the tools and resources to implement it.

The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 

Copenhagen, 28-30 April 2020

The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare is one of the world’s largest conferences for healthcare professionals committed to improving patient care and safety. In March 2019 we traveled to Glasgow, Scotland (SEC Centre) and welcomed our biggest audience to date – over 3,400 attendees from 70 countries. We provided an inspirational setting to meet, learn and share knowledge in our common mission to improve the quality and safety of care for patients and communities across the world.

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