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Leadership in Improving Patient Safety Video - Brigham and Women's Hospital
David Westfall Bates, MD, Senior Vice President for Quality and Safety at Brigham and Women's Hospital, describes practices that reduce the frequency of medication dispensing errors in ...
Speaking up for patient safety
This video talks about the importance of speaking up for patient safety. Telling anyone you think they missed something or got something wrong can be daunting, especially a superior. But being ...
How does patient safety need to change?
IHI's Don Berwick explains how patient safety must go beyond project by project efforts to a system-level approach.
What can a zoo teach us about patient safety?
Health care isn’t the only industry that’s working to protect people in dangerous conditions. Each year at the IHI National Forum, IHI faculty lead excursions to organizations outside of health ...
Alzheimers - Person-centred care in practice
Presented by Jason Burton, Head of Dementia Practice and Innovation.
WHO: What is people-centred care?
Globally, 1 in 20 people still lacks access to essential health services that could be delivered at a local clinic instead of a hospital. And where services are accessible, they are often ...
NHS Patient Safety Strategy
A key principle of the NHS Patient Safety Strategy is continuous improvement. Hugh McCaughey, National Director of Improvement discusses the relationship between Quality Improvement and patient ...
IHI's Patient Safety Essentials Toolkit
IHI Vice President Frank Federico, RPh, gives an overview of IHI's Patient Safety Essentials Toolkit including a look at what it includes, how it can be used, and how it can help make your ...
Patient Safety: Common Misunderstandings
What patient safety beliefs get in the way of preventing harm? IHI’s Frank Federico lists some common misunderstandings, including the tendency to think of the Institute of Medicine’s six quality ...
Introducing the NHS Patient Safety Strategy
Aidan Fowler, National Director of Patient Safety, introduces the NHS Patient Safety Strategy. Find out more and download the strategy
Teaching Medical Students Patient Safety
What’s the proper way to take off contaminated gloves? How do you reduce the risk of medication errors and patient falls in the hospital? Watch second-year medical students at Albert Einstein ...
Whiteboard Driver Diagrams
Robert Lloyd, Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, uses his trusty whiteboard to dissect the science of improvement.

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