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Finding the Right Leadership Style for Your Quality Improvement Agenda
Finding the Right Leadership Style for Your Quality Improvement Agenda
Developing leadership for quality improvement
Robert Varnam, UK. Applying scientific approaches to quality improvement in primary care requires effective leadership which creates vision, inspires commitment and embeds the use of new tools. ...
Quality Improvement and Leadership in a Complex Environment
Quality Improvement and Leadership in a Complex Environment. Department of Medicine Grand Rounds presentation by Thomas Staiger, MD.
The role of leadership in improving quality
We speak to three of our fellows (Tom Downes, Suzie Bailey and John Boulton) about how their experiences as Health Foundation fellows have helped them in their work to improve the quality of ...
Around the world in mental health QI
This session will bring rapid Pecha Kucha style presentations from each group around the world that is applying quality improvement techniques to tackle complex problems in mental health ...
COVID-19 has killed Quality Improvement - Debate
The COVID-19 pandemic has profound implications for how we practice Quality Improvement (QI) in healthcare. But has it created a bigger role for QI, with increasing opportunities or has it put ...
Expert interview: Helen Bevan - large-scale change
Helen Bevan (chief of service transformation at NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement) met us at the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2013 ...
Whakakotahi: Where quality improvement drives equity, consumer engagement and integration
This ten-minute video is the presentation about the Commission’s primary care improvement programme, Whakakotahi that was presented virtually for the IHI/BMJ International Forum, Copenhagen 2020.
Handling Ethics Issues in the Quality Improvement Process
Handling Ethics Issues in the Quality Improvement Process — Ensuring that QI projects protect patients and the healthcare organisation Abstract author: Nancy Dixon from Healthcare Quality Quest
Dr Wasim Baqir: Audits vs QI
Dr Wasim Baqir from Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust discusses the important differences between audit and quality improvement.
Expert interview: Peter Lachman - Whose business is quality improvement?
We asked Peter Lachman, deputy medical director for safety at Great Ormond Street Hospital, who he thought should be doing quality improvement work, and how professionals can work together on ...
Quality improvement in practice: lessons from mental health
Quality improvement is a systematic approach to improving health care based on an iterative process of continuous testing, measurement, learning and change. In this video we speak to quality ...

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